Protecting your property and your bottom line

Property damage always hits businesses hard, and the larger the business the more convoluted the insurance claim. Every day that the damage isn't repaired is another hit to your deliverables and profit margins, and getting the money you're owed from your insurance provider only further complicates things.

Our team of loss assessors in London are your trusted partners in securing the maximum compensation you deserve, getting your operations back to normal and money back in your pocket.

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How do we help with business insurance claims?

  Our trained loss assessors will examine your property in detail to come to terms with the full extent of the damage, often catching details you alone might have missed.

  We can look through your current insurance policy to determine your protections, rights and how much you might be owed.

  We will act as your negotiator with the loss adjuster, making sure that you receive everything you're owed for repairs, replacements and lost business income.

  Fast-tracking the repair process by sourcing reliable contractors, tradespeople and industry specialists to take care of restoration works.

flood damaged office room filled with muddy water and fallen potted plants against floor to ceiling windows and doors