Unwavering support for stress-free home insurance claims

Disaster striking at home, be it the result of a burst pipe, a cracked roof or a fallen tree, can turn your world upside down. On top of the damages and the upheaval they represent to day-to-day life, managing the hurdles of insurance claims only adds to your stress.

It's no secret that insurance providers will dig their heels in when it comes to claims, attempting to pay the smallest possible amount if not finding grounds to refuse paying out altogether. This is where our team of loss assessors in London comes in.

We're in your corner from the start to finish – Call us at 0203 6213742 to get started.

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How do we help homeowners with their home insurance claims?

  We meticulously document the damage to your property to construct a rock-solid claim on your behalf

  Confused by the jargon in your insurance policy? Mann Loss Assessors can break it down into simple English, laying out your rights and protections.

  We will negotiate with your provider on your behalf, drawing upon 5 years of experience and 100+ successful claims to make sure you secure every penny you're owed.

  You'll then be put in touch with our trusted network of contractors and tradespeople to handle your home's restoration or repairs, putting an end to your stress and letting you move in with life as quickly as possible

tree fallen on house roof crushed roof frame and tiles