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Expert loss assessment help for maximum compensation

The word ‘leak' often doesn't do the full scale of the damage justice. Even a single misaligned or cracked pipe can cause extensive damage, especially if you have only recently discovered the leak.

As chaotic and stressful as this discovery and filing an insurance claim can be, Mann Loss Assessors can help. Our team of committed loss assessors in London are on-hand to take the burden of the claim off your shoulders, carrying out full assessments of the damage and negotiating the most generous settlement possible on your behalf.

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flood water in kitchen under dining table within property


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What types of escape of water damage do we account for?

  Obvious and non-obvious structural damage, including cracked walls and compromised foundations.

  Contents damage to your electronics, furniture, appliances and other household objects.

  Damage to your finishings such as peeling paint or warped wood.

  Potential contamination from sewage, chemicals and debris.

  Mold and mildew growth due to the damp conditions created from a leak.