Flood Damage





Maximising your compensation after a flood

Even a minor flood can wreak devastation on properties, through damage to flooring alone to say nothing of electrical systems or carpentry. Repair works are expensive, so it's imperative that you receive every last pound you're owed from your insurance provider.

Our team of loss assessors in London are in your corner during this difficult time. Mann Loss Assessors are here to document the damage in its entirety, unravel insurance complexities and make sure you receive maximum compensation before handling all the contracting to restore your property.

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What types of flood damage do we account for?

  Direct structural damage to walls, foundations, floors and roofs from floodwater.

  Contents damage including furniture, electronics and other personal belongings.

  Electrical damage to appliances and systems.

  Mechanical damage to plumbing systems.

  Indirect damage such as mildew, contamination and long-term structural damage.