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Helping you to unravel the maze of property impact damage

Properties may be stationary, yet they're still liable to impact damage. Whether your fencing is hit by a car that lost control, a window smashed by a felled tree or paving cracked by a neighbour's construction works, impact damage can almost never be predicted.

Mann Loss Assessors are here to assist with all your impact claims, for commercial and domestic properties alike. Our mission is to get life or business back on track by assessing the scope of the damage, negotiating with your insurance provider and reinstating your property by securing the services of trusted contractors.

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impacted brick wall in red brick with crack from top to bottom at concrete pathway



What types of impact damage do we account for?

  Structural damage from falling objects, heavy debris or collisions from vehicles

  Damage to your property's contents from the impact

  Mechanical or electrical damage, particularly to plumbing systems

  Aesthetic damage such as cracks, dents and scratches to a property's edifice

  Indirect damage such as structural instability