Your partner for insurance confidence when the ground shifts beneath you

Fewer types of damage are as out of your control as those caused by the movement of the earth itself. The most minute of vertical or horizontal shifts can leave your property in disarray, laden with cracks and with its future uncertain.

Our experienced loss assessors in London have your back during this worrisome time, managing the confusing bureaucracy, back-and-forth negotiation and industry jargon of insurance on your behalf so you don't have to. In short, we manage the property assessment, paperwork and the claim on your behalf, so you get the best possible insurance payout for your troubles.

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heaved pathway due to land underneath concrete slabs


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What types of subsidence damage do we account for?

  Damage to flooring, walls and utilities due to rising ground (heave).

  Cracks or tilting due to the downward sinking of the ground (Subsidence).

  Altogether more dramatic property damage due to the mass movement of soil or rock (Landslip).

  Damage to your property's foundations due to the above.

  Minor but nonetheless noteworthy damage to your doors, windows or wallpaper.