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Whether it's the result of a flood, a fire or a storm, dealing with property damage is a stressful process before you even file an insurance claim. Our team of experienced loss assessors in London are here to help make these difficult times easier by handling the insurance claim on your behalf, before arranging repair and remedial works once you get the compensation you are due.

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Why should you choose our team of loss assessors in London?

We're Experienced

Our experienced team have dealt with well over 100 claims, ranging from minor escapes of water in residential properties to severe storm damage for commercial businesses. We know how to navigate the storm of insurance claims, avoid the roadblocks insurance companies tend to throw up and how to get the settlement you deserve.

We're Supportive

Damage to your property can be an emotional affair at the best of times, let alone if your insurance provider is stalling or stonewalling you. Mann Loss Assessors deal with every step of your insurance claim and arrange repair works, giving you two fewer things to worry about, and endeavour to do things quickly yet correctly the first time so you can return to life as usual.

We work with capable contractors

Repairs that fall short of the original quality of workmanship are never desirable, yet unfortunately common in the insurance industry. That's why we're proud to work with a skilled team of contractors ranging from electrical engineers to carpenters to builders, ensuring reinstatement works that will stand the test of time.




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We can make sure you're not being underpaid even if you've already made a claim.

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Who do our loss assessors in London work with? 

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Minor damage to your home can be disruptive and anxiety-inducing, to say nothing of more substantial damage. Our dedicated team is here to help homeowners navigate the complexities of insurance claims so you can move on with your life.

For Homeowners

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Time is money for landlords, and property damages are hugely disruptive for both your income and your tenants. We draw upon our extensive experience and knowledge to streamline the insurance process and maximise your financial recovery.

For Landlords

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Business Owners

Disasters can throw any business off course, from high street stores to office complexes. Our loss assessors in London are here to help you navigate the confusing realm of business insurance claims with meticulous damage assessments, tenacious negotiation and high-quality repair works.

For Business Owners




What can Mann Loss Assessors help with?

Property damage comes in many different shapes, sizes and severities, from human error to the whims of nature.

Our services cover the full scope of damage types, including:


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Fire Damage 

Fewer things are as destructive to a property as a fire.

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Flood Damage 

There are no such things as ‘minor' floods when it comes to your property.

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Escape of Water 

One of the most common types of insurance claims, yet it still poses a struggle to navigate and negotiate.


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Frequently asked questions we hear as loss assessors in London

What does a loss assessor do?

A loss assessor represents policyholders in insurance claims, assessing and documenting the extent of damage or loss to maximize their claim settlement with the insurance company before connecting them with trusted contractors or restoration services to get the property back on its feet. Ultimately, the job of a loss assessor is to make sure you receive the full and fair compensation you deserve after a loss.

Why should I hire a loss assessor?

Loss assessors work exclusively for you, ensuring your interests are represented during the claims process. They possess expertise in navigating insurance policies and can help secure a fair and optimal settlement. By hiring a loss assessor, you benefit from their:

  Expert assessment of property damage

  Strong negotiation abilities, typically netting far higher payments compared to individuals

  Expertise with the finer details and intricacies of insurance policies

  Connections with skilled contractors for streamlined repair works

Can I make use of a loss assessor if my insurance provider has already made an offer?

Yes – Even if an initial offer has already been made, a loss assessor is able to review the settlement to ensure it's fair. If we deem the offer falls short, we can step in to negotiate for a higher amount.

How long does the claims process take with a loss assessor?

The time it takes for an insurance claim to be processed by your loss assessor can vary on a number of factors, including:

  The type of loss

  The extent of damage

  The practices of the insurance company

  The complexity of subsequent negotiations

That said, hiring a loss assessor will almost always expediate the claims process.