Whatever the type or severity of the damage to your property, Mann Loss Assessors offer speedy and compassionate claims assistance in London to get life back on track and the insurance payout you are owed.


Subsidence, Heave and Landslip

Fewer types of damage are as out of your control as those caused by the movement of the earth itself.   more  

Impact Damage

Whether your fencing is hit by a car that lost control, a window smashed by a felled tree or paving cracked by a neighbour’s construction works, impact damage can almost never be p...  more  

Storm Damage

Some losses are the result of human error or folly, but damage on account of a storm is almost always out of our hands.  more  

Escape of Water Damage

The word ‘leak’ often doesn’t do the full scale of the damage justice. Even a single misaligned or cracked pipe can cause extensive damage, especially if you have only recently dis...  more  

Flood Damage

Even a minor flood can wreak devastation on properties, through damage to flooring alone to say nothing of electrical systems or carpentry.  more  

Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming, whether it is your home or business that has suffered, let alone if your insurance provider is attempting to underpay or outright refus...  more